Our first Hard Plastic Release! Pinups of Death
First Run Collectors Edition, Limited to 450 Available Now

artwork by : Yasmine Putri

The Forsaker has lost so much that his perspective has been skewed beyond repair. They see nothing but darkness and suffering, accordingly, they have abandoned their own humanity to better suit the struggle they see all around them. Ruthless, and fueled by despair, the berserk state of the Forsaker is dangerous to friend and foe alike.

A Forsaker's fury is so consuming and violent that they often fix their weapons with rope or chain to their hands in anticipation of succumbing to their mindless rage.dreams.

How They Play
Lacking finesse and magical abilities, the Forsaker makes up for their tactical inflexibility with raw power. Wait for their mind to snap, then throw them towards the biggest thing on the board!

Digitally Sculpted by Jon-Troy Nickel